What is Web Hosting?

If you have made a decision to develop your own personal web site, but are not quite sure about what a website is and are unfamiliar with the phrase "web site hosting", this article is dedicated to explaining these concepts in simple terms.

What precisely is a web site?

A web site is an amalgamation of webpages assembled in a systematic fashion. It has a special address, also called a URL (Uniform Resource Locator). A web site may be comprised of only one webpage and sometimes may even be comprised of as many as 1000 web pages.

What is a hosting server?

A web hosting server permits you to upload your website onto it. In some instances, there might be even 1000's of sites on a single web hosting server. The hosting server basically is a computer with special hardware, which is held in a datacenter facility with special cooling systems, whose mission is to safeguard the seamless operation of the machine and all the web sites located on it.

To summarize, a web hosting server will be truly a launch pad when the time comes for you to launch your web site. It could be any type of web site - a business website containing many webpages, or a site, which has only several web pages and which you have developed simply for your acquaintances and family members.

You've reached a decision about what your web site will be, now what?

As soon as you have decided what sort of web site you wish to set up, the next step is to find out what type of web hosting service you have to pick for your Internet endeavor. Essentially, there are two kinds of website hosting services - cost-free web hosting services and professional paid website hosting services. The charge-free web hosting solution is commonly used by customers that do not have a business-related site.

Positive and negative sides of the free-of-charge web site hosting solution

You will not obtain lots of options with a free-of-cost hosting plan. Features such as web traffic, RAM memory and web hosting server disk storage space are limited and inadequate for an elaborate ecommerce website or a corporate web site, or even for a site with a lot of graphics.
In addition, there are lots of banner advertisements put on your site by the hosting supplier. These adverts take up plenty of space on your web site and are quite annoying.

Shared web hosting

The paid web hosting services are more reliable and include a lot of powerful features apart from the high-end hosting server that will accommodate your web site and its data. Nevertheless, it is important to find out which features your site needs prior to buying your hosting package. You should not rush and wind up purchasing something that your site does not demand.

Choose your hosting packages provider

It is not hard to find a hosting plans provider. You have to simply conduct an online survey in order to find a website hosting provider that matches your website's needs. Before you make your actual decision, take a gaze at the parameters of the hosting packages delivered by the web hosting vendors that have caught your interest. This is how I chanced on Exclusive Hosting, one of the best hosting service providers on the market nowadays. The extensive selection of web hosting services and their prices are what makes them an attractive choice. Still, you must confirm what kind of hosting solution you need and if the price matches your allowance. Moreover, you must not forget to go through the hosting supplier's ToS before subscribing to make certain that your site is not violating them.

Signing up for a web site hosting account

Once you have determined what features are optimal for your site, the next step is to sign up for an account with the web hosting supplier of your choice. You will gain all the necessary tools for managing your website files and databases. With Exclusive Hosting, for example, you will get a Control Panel, which includes domain, web site, database and mail account administration areas. You log in the hosting Control Panel using your unique username and password, which gives you safe access to the portion of the server where your website will be hosted.

Uploading your web site

You can either upload your web site files through an FTP client application or, as is with most hosting suppliers, via an online tool that is included within the web hosting Control Panel. With Exclusive Hosting, the File Manager is extremely easy to use and offers features comparable to those encountered in Windows Explorer, which makes file management extremely easy. They offer additionally a website builder and a PHP-powered script installation tool, which you can use to build your site if you have no programming knowledge and are taking your very first steps in web design. The web-based web site building tool, called SiteStudio, will also save you the time and effort of making a web site on your PC and then uploading it via an FTP program or the File Manager interface.

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